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The Systemic Principles in Psychology and Psychotherapy

The Systemic Principles in Psychology and Psychotherapy


Автор:  Руслан Петрович Еслюк 

Название: The Systemic Principles in Psychology and Psychotherapy

  This book introduces the methodological substantiation of systemic principles of modern scientific psychotherapy and psychological consultation. Answering inquiry of time about overcoming theoretical crisis in sciences about the person, it goes deep (in comparison with the previous books of the author) with consideration of psychotherapy as unified science, which central paradigm becomes the author's theory of archetypes of psychic self-regulation, where the basic archetype is the archetype of Home-Person. The methodology of dialectic structuralism, in which line the author aspires to describe all spectrum of life, from psychological theories up to aspects of a metaphysical reality, develops. These theoretical research finds the practical application in a new direction - Christian integrative therapy (CIT). For psychologists, psychotherapists, philosophers, priests, socionics, culturologists, and everyone who are interested in psychotherapy and psychology, sciences about the person, a society and culture".

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Дата публикации: 4-06-2013, 13:22

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